Si & Tea with Rhea Raisoni

We had 'tea' and cakes....Sierra Calliope Joining me today on Si&Tea for some tea time chit-chat is Rhea Raisoni, a chef from the city of Pune, Maharashtra in India. This young and talented professional used the lockdown brought on by the pandemic of 2020 to start her own business. This is how our tea... Continue Reading →

Si & Tea with Tom from P.P.S. Paper Plane Sundays "I told you I have tea with interesting people."-Sierra Calliope 😂😂😂😂 Look at me quoting myself. But I can't help myself. My tea time guest today brings out content amd art work that encourages people especially book-nerds (like me) to embrace our quirkiness and just roll with it. Joining me today for tea... Continue Reading →

Si & Tea with Schäni

In this series I will be talking to some amazingly talented people and letting you in on our Tea-Time-Talks. Kicking off with great start, for my first interview I have someone who decided to use lockdown to work on a hobby. By doing so she evolved into a young, enthusiastic and extremely talented photographer from... Continue Reading →

Tea Time !

Tea time is very often associated with a break or rest during the day and in many different cultures, countries all around the world associated with a time to engage in conversation with one's friends, family, colleagues. It was this idea that gave birth to the name of my blog- Tea With Sierra Calliope. Hence,... Continue Reading →

Do you hear what I hear ?

Poetry can often be interpreted in more than one way. Sometimes the thoughts of the reader may not mirror those of the poet. That is one of the many things that makes poetry beautiful. So I ask you again, when you read my poetry, does your heart hear what I hear? CAN WE TALK ?... Continue Reading →


PATCHWORK We all are products of our circumstances, hardwork, environment and genetics.These four aspects of life are what influence who we are as people and what we do with our lives. PATCHWORKWe all are products of our circumstances, hardwork, environment and genetics.These four aspects of life are what influence who we are as people and... Continue Reading →


Someone once said to me, “ Remember, words make the world go round.” I have yet to find an exception to this line. Words are a powerful form of expression irrespective of the emotion. When put into a lyrical medium with a tune and a beat established flow, they create a song. When stitched together... Continue Reading →

What Next ?

What next or should I say what 'first' ? I typed out, deleted and retyped about 30 lines of this blog a few times. I couldn’t decide what would be a good topic to include in my first blog. ‘Why am I stressing so much about this ?’ I wondered. That is when it hit... Continue Reading →


Hi I am Sierra Calliope ! I love reading and writing. I also love talking when I have enough to talk about haha. Writing about life in the form of poetry, articles and stories has been my hobby for a really long time but I never before considered putting it up online.... until 2020. We... Continue Reading →

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